DIY Paper Flower Crafting Kit [8x8" Sunflowers]

DIY Paper Flower Crafting Kit [8x8" Sunflowers]

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Bring the most lovable dog of all time right into your home with this handmade paper flower craft kit inspired by Snoopy. This DIY Art Kit will provide you and your family a fun bonding experience! When finished, you can decorate your home with this adorable decor item, or gift it to someone special. The instructions for assembly is simple, making this kit great for crafting night in with friends or as a bonding activity with your kids. It's convenient and fun!

Each DIY Kit includes:

1. 1 Quilling Tool (pink or blue)

2. Paper Flower Cut Outs

3. 5 Extra Paper Flower Cut Outs (Practice flowers)

4. 8x8" inch Frame (optional)

5. White 8x8" inch cardstock for background

What You'll Need:

1. DIY Arts & Crafts Kit

2. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

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