DIY Paper Flower Crafting Kit [9.75x9.75" Assorted Flowers]

DIY Paper Flower Crafting Kit [9.75x9.75" Assorted Flowers]

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The DIY Frilly Flower Crafting Kit is recommended for families, kids and adults. This is perfect for stress relief and entertaining. By the time you're finished making this cool paper craft, you'll be proud of yourself. You can hang this beautiful decoration in your home or office! Our crafts are great as gifts for people who like flowers! You can also use these materials for therapeutic reasons, as it will divert your attention to something creative instead of being stressed out about life. An activity that's fun and rewarding both for yourself and for others, a useful thing to possess when you want to feel creative and put a smile on someone else's face!

Each DIY Kit includes:

1. 1 Quilling Tool (pink or blue)

2. Paper Flower Cut Outs

3. 5 Extra Paper Flower Cut Outs (Practice flowers)

4. 9.75x9.75" inch Frame (optional)

5. White 9.75x9.75" inch cardstock for background

What You'll Need:

1. DIY Kit

2. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

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